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My name is Amber and I am seventeen years old. My greatest interest is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I like to dabble in photography and writing, so this blog is a mix of my photos and stories. I also might at times post some heartwise articles. Please enjoy; I always appreciate comments.

Monday, January 16, 2012


This past week we had our second good snow of this winter. I say good snow rather loosely; neither one covered the tops of the grass. I know, it is pathetic. This year has been a sad winter. I personally love the snow, so I am hoping for more soon.

 The snow arrived very unexpectedly. First rain was drizzling, then the next moment I glanced out the window to behold large, swirling, beautiful, snowflakes.

Sometimes the flakes came in soft clouds. At other times, there were huge gusts of blinding white.

I tried playing around with the manual settings on the camera. I was hoping to catch the snowflakes better, but it made everything dark. I'm still trying to learn.

I took all of these from inside my house though the open back door. Too much cold air was coming in through the door, however, so I had to switch to the garage.

The wet snow stuck to just about everything it touched. That provided plenty of opportunities for fun photos.

The snow seemed to make the neighborhood birds hungrier than usual. When they weren't gorging themselves, they perched in a nearby tree. This little guy was pretty shy.

This cardinal was much more obliging. He made a great model with his bright colors.

I began to move out into the elements. It was still snowing, but I really wanted some pictures of the backyard. I must have looked ridiculous. Over my coat I had a poncho that I was housing my camera under in an effort to keep the camera dry. For a little while, I even tried to use an umbrella to block the snow. Eventually, I gave up and just hoped that a few snowflakes wouldn't hurt. I am still trying to be very careful with it since it is so new.

Now the snow is almost gone, but I had fun snapping pictures while it was here. Meanwhile, I'm going to hope for more snow. Have a great week!